Create your own Voucher - Easily!


Who wouldn't know what it feels like to be invited to a birthday party and simply now knowing what to bring? And even more to the point: who doesn't know what it feels like to get presents that simply have nothing to do with oneself...aren't your cupboards full with gadgets you never use but can't throw away for they were "presents"? Wouldn't it be nice if there was the one and only present that fitted all occasions and was always greeted with a truly heartfelt "Thank you"?

Well, there is: a voucher. You may think that vouchers are only for those who do not know what to give: unpersonal and uncreative. Think again! With you can create vouchers that are just as individual and creative as you are - for absolutely free.

There are literally hundreds of different designs to choose from - and you can add that personal touch by inserting your own message before printing the voucher out and giving it away. On top, you will find lot's of tips, ideas and curious facts for all the occasions to celebrate life has to offer. Once you've given the first self-made voucher to someone who'll really appreciate the gesture, you will never want to turn back.

Choose our Voucher:
Glückwunsch Ostern Osterhasis Gartenarbeit Rasen mähen Schulanfang

Why not have a look around on our website, while trying our services out? With our intuitve and easy-to use motive editor, there could be nothing more simple. Just choose a card from the options menu and click on your favorite motive. Now the editor will automatically pop up - and with it lots of different possibilities to edit your own card. You can then add your personal message. You can even choose the typing you like best, choosing from a displayed list of fonts. Then decide upon font size and font colour and the message space. Finally: write what you like. If you want to change something or edit the text, you may do so any time.

Once you are finished, simply download the card and print it out on a paper of your choice. Our tip: buy a fancy paper in cardboard quality and a colourful envelope, and the surprise will be even more glamorous.